uXchange #13

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CM4all GmbH

Im Mediapark 6 · Köln

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Im Mediapark 6A - (Eingang A) 6. Etage - Eingang rechts

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Don't theorize about UX – let's talk about hands-on UX for the digital products we create - second edition.

If you're a building a digital product or are simply interested in UI and UX: everyone is invited. Listen to our talks, meet new people, get new ideas, ask the questions you always wanted to ask.

(Talks will be held in German)


Speaker & Talks:

Manuela Schmid (CM4All) - DesignSprint alla Google – Ein Experiment aus der Praxis
Chiara Fries (AXA)
Christian Poplawski (Railslove) – UX for Developers