Talks and Networking for Designers #44

UIUX Designers Berlin Meetup
UIUX Designers Berlin Meetup
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Join us for the Talks and Networking for Designers #44 Meetup at Diconium

Drinks and food starting at 7 pm, talks start at 7:30 pm. We will have a lucky draw for prizes provided by our sponsors: Sketch & Adobe XD. Prizes include 3 Sketch Licenses & 2 Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year membership.

1) Clive K. Lavery, Strategic Development for Adobe XD at Adobe

Don't Let Your Experience Be Speechless! The (growing) Importance of Voice in UX & Strategy

Are you a UX/UI designer or strategist who’s wondering how to survive in a world where voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming embedded in everyday human interactions? If Voice really is the next big thing, what does this mean for the established methods and tools we’re using to design meaningful, screen-based experiences and strategies? How might we apply what we know about graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to the restricted world of voice user interfaces (VUIs)?

Join Clive K. Lavery on his mission to answer these questions, and discover:
- The present limitations and future opportunities of voice for your company
- What to consider when designing for VUIs versus GUIs
- When to consider multimodal approaches that combine VUI and GUI
- Skills, tools, and methods you can apply and what you need to learn

"Clive is a passionate UX Person, Full-Stack Human Being and proud member of the Strategic Development Team for Adobe XD at Adobe.

With over 10 years of experience helping leading digital agencies and in-house teams to make their users and clients happy, he is an active member of the European UX scene where he has co-organized the leading topical BarCamp, UXcamp Europe, revived the local UX Book Club and mentored students for Career Foundry.

2) Kevin Richardson, Senior Director of User Experience and Product Management, INVIDI Technologies Corporation

Making Technology Personal

Humans evolve slowly. Digital technology, relatively new compared to the human brain, has seen exponential growth that has enabled it to quickly surpass our humble cognitive capabilities. Historically, we’ve attempted to bridge this gap by forcing people to adapt to the needs of the technology. Lengthy, expensive training and UX methods that focus on post-design evaluation have been the traditional solutions to this “problem”. Both treat the symptoms rather than the disease.

What’s needed is a process by which technology is adapted to people, capitalizing on evolutionary strong points and enabling goals to be accomplished with only minimal consideration for the technology that makes it all possible. This requires much more than asking people what they want. It requires more than empathy. Bridging the technological divide requires a systematic process of innovation that keeps pace with technological evolution and enables people to become technology partners rather than technology users.

Kevin is an award winning user experience professional with almost 30 years of consulting and in-house experience, focused on enterprise software and custom business applications. With a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, he has researched, evaluated, designed, mentored, and managed teams as they create innovative, user-centered solutions.


19:00 - Networking, Snacks, and Drinks
19:25 - Check-in Closes
19:30 - Welcome
19:35 - Speaker 1
19:55 - Q&A
20:05 - Short 10 min break
20:15 - Speaker 2
20:35 - Q&A
20:45 - Community Minute, Jobs, Winners
20:55 - Thank you for coming - Networking after the event until 21:30
Contact Tijana at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at a future meetup, if you have a venue for a future event or to give us feedback.