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Are you passionate about tech? Live your passion with fellows and meet other hackers, designers, makers, and startups!

Please bring your friends. No, seriously! Bring that one friend who is interested in Startups but didn't dare yet to jump into that world. This night is full of opportunities and both of you should be there!

18:00 - 1 minute pitches of attendants: What are projets are you working on? What are you looking for, e.g. a co-founder?

18:30 - 10 minute lightening talks of fellow hackers, designers, makers, artists or professionals. We will post the speakers in the comments below. Are you interested in giving a talk yourself? Contact us! [masked]

19:00 - Food, drinks, networking, hacking and prototyping. Please bring your laptops and/or prototypes! :)

Every first Wednesday of the month like-minded hackers, designers and makers meet to work on own projects through the night, exchange ideas and network in an inspiring atmosphere. We are dedicated to the promotion of out-of-the-box creativity and hands-on innovation. The event challenges participants to overcome technical barriers and quickly build highly innovative creations in a very short time. In addition to the hack, technical experts deliver inspiring talks and share their unique experience with the community by showcasing their tech projects and know-how from an industry setting.

Looking forward to see you! Be there or be square,

Your Unternehmertum [x] Team :)