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"Gone are the days forever when coffee was just there to wake you up."- Michael

It's time to bring specialty coffee to the people and leave the old days behind!

How do we wanna achieve that? Simple.

• Explore awesome locations where coffee lovers feel home <br>

• Spread the word to as many people as possible <br>

• Share knowledge about specialty coffee


They say Vienna is the most famous place for coffee in the world. Let's find out why! <br>


This group is exclusively for you guys! <br>


What separates a good cup of coffee from an extraordinary one? <br>

• Is coffee actually healthy for us and why?

• What's caffeine exactly?

• How does a chocolate-nutty coffee taste compared to a fruity one?

• Where are the best places in Vienna to get an awesome espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee?

See the pattern? There is so much we don't know about coffee, yet most of us drink this beverage EVERY day. I created this group for people in Vienna who not only love coffee but also want to know more about it. <br>

Hop on an exiting journey with us because there's much more to coffee then you might think. <br>