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Here we go. The date just got confirmed, so we need YOU to RSVP NOW! Meet awesome PHP devs and other interesting people at ViennaPHP, enjoy a Club Mate or a beer and let's have fun.


• "Welcome" by Boris Hrkic

• The Continuous Talk by Pascal Paulis

**Info : this talk will be over the link**

In order to ensure maximum quality for your app during development process, it is critical to put in place deployment tools and automated tests. This talk presents all the tools and best practices to use to implement Continuous Delivery and Deployment: quality insurance, Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment, unit testing, functional and business tests, deployment pipeline, packaging and roll-back.

After this presentation, Pascal Paulis, continuousphp Core Developer, will shortly demo continuousphp so that you can see a platform functioning with all the tools and best practices previously discussed. A demo project will be packaged, tested and deployed.

Pascal Paulis (Core Developer continuousphp): holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is PHP & ZF Certified Engineer. He started to work as a SysAdmin and web developer. Thanks to his experience with end customers and as a consultant, he’s developed a strong expertise in Continuous Delivery, Behavior Driven Development and API Design.

• Bartacus - Modernizing legacy CMS applications with Symfony by Patrik Karisch

Bartacus shows you, how you can modernize legacy content management systems with Symfony on a living example, formerly on TYPO3 CMS. In this talk you get an overview on the prerequisites, challenges and advantages of doing so. Then we dive deep into code examples and real world examples with Q&A.

Patrik Karisch : is a PHP Backend guru at pixelart in Salzburg, working with PHP since 13 years and Symfony for 7 years now. If he is not coding, he cooks some ridiculous good food.

Follow him on Twitter: @PatrikKarisch (

• "Outro" by Boris Hrkic

Additional talks? Sure! We need still talks, so please get in touch with Sebastian or Boris!

Sponsors? Sure! If you want to give thirsty devs something to drink while they talk about your company and remember it as one of the best around, come talk to Sebastian or Boris!


Geizhals (

The German language predecessor of Skinflint, Geizhals Preisvergleich (, was conceived in 1996 as an independent price comparison and soon enjoyed enormous popularity. In June 2000, it incorporated as "Preisvergleich Internet Services AG" with funding by a VC investor (e-matrix Online Business Development AG). In 2009, the English language website Skinflint ( was launched, offering localized content and more than 250 merchants for the UK market from the start.

*** WANTED ***

• PHP Developer :

Geizhals Price Comparison is looking for a skilled PHP contractor ideally having Prestashop experience. Estimated project volume has been
estimated to one month with optional regular maintenance as follow-up.

Stockwerk CoWorking (



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