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Webmardi is a free and monthly meetup about the Web for amateurs and professionals in the west part of Switzerland.
We usually meet every 1st Tuesday of the month for a 45 min. talk followed by a quiz contest and an apero.

Events' registration is on this platform and you can connect with the community on:
- https://www.meetup.com/webmardi
- https://twitter.com/webmardi
- https://mastodon.technology/@webmardi
- https://www.facebook.com/webmardi
- https://www.instagram.com/webmardi
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwK5DvPt__7u0s6hTijlfyA
- https://www.linkedin.com/company/webmardi
- contact@webmardi.ch

Events are usually in french but can be in english depending on the audience or the speakers.
If you want to ask for information you can reach the organisers using contact@webmardi.ch

We thanks our sponsors https://liip.ch and https://antistatique.net for their support.

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Building UI components with Storybook

Liip SA

During the past years, design systems have become more and more popular as interfaces have grown bigger. Creating standalone components and reusing them as much as possible to enforce consistency and performance is an approach used in many projects today. But creating and maintaining such a toolbox can become a mess very quickly if it’s not properly documented and tested. Hopefully many people out there have made amazing tools from the very early stages of Object-Oriented CSS, bringing new functionalities to help us, one after the other. KSS, Hologram, Fabricator, Pattern Lab, Fractal, they all contributed to make documenting UI components easier and better. During this talk, I’ll introduce you to Storybook, probably the most advanced tool out there today and show you what extras it brings to the game. If you still hesitate to come, an aperitif will be offered to the attendees: beers 🍻, chips, popcorn 🍿 & more ! Can’t attend 😱 ? Don’t panic, follow our livestream 📹 & our videos post-event on Youtube: https://youtube.webmardi.ch This talk is open to front-end devs, designers or anybody else interested/involved in design systems. Speaker Benoît Burgener Front-end developer at Liip This talk will be held in english. The location is accessible to people with wheelchairs but not the restrooms unfortunately.

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Redis, ce n’est pas que pour faire du cache

Gotham Lausanne Gare

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