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Wenn du denkst, dass du für Yoga zu unflexibel bist, dann bist du hier genau richtig.

Ein Männer-Yoga-Kurs, der Kraft, Gleichgewicht und Flexibilität vereint – den Geist stimuliert und den Körper regeneriert.

yoga4men ist ein Stil, der sich speziell auf den männlichen Körper konzentriert und auf häufige Spannungsbereiche abzielt – Schultern, Hüften und hintere Oberschenkelmuskulatur. Wann immer Sie an einem Y4M-Kurs teilnehmen, werden Sie eine Menge Spaß haben! Es ist eine Balance aus spielerischer Entdeckung, Achtsamkeit, herausfordernder körperlicher Übung und inspirierender Philosophie

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome everyone who has just joined the YOGA4MEN family, a social group for men who share similar interests - to share the practice of yoga, meditation and wellbeing. Heal your body, mind and soul on your personal journey to become a happy, healthy and strong man, become whole. Become the man you want to be.

YOGA4MEN style is focusing specifically on the male body and targeting common areas of tension - shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

Whenever you do a YOGA4MEN class you will have a BLAST! It's a balance of playful discovery, mindfulness, challenging physical practice and inspiring philosophy. It is a slower paced yoga focusing on each pose and how to get there, to help build strength and prevent injury. It is a style that puts much emphasis on perfecting alignment, listening to your body, and working within your means as you learn and challenge yourself at your own pace.

Simply - YOGA4MEN ROCKS! It helps you radically change the way you look at life and recognise the infinite possibilities of your own existence. WOW!

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Why Mens YOGA?

"Yoga has a long rich history in India (as long as 5000 years) where a vast majority of the practitioners are men. But there is a general misconception among men in the West about yoga.When yoga is mentioned a typical man’s response is “I’m to tight to do yoga” or they say, “I should do yoga, but I don’t”. There seems to be this awkward not knowing how to get involved, what’s yoga about, nervous about being a beginner, that keeps most men from ever trying yoga. Or they do go to a yoga class and indeed there are a lot of flexible young women and they feel out of place.
The work that men do together, learning together, helps build honor and respect for each other and for them self. When you look around you see men doing yoga, their bodies are similar to your body, there challenges are similar to your challenges it feels more inclusive, you feel more included and 3accepted. It is very reaffirming to see a room full of men, young, old, in good physical shape, not in such good shape, but all taking an active role in improving their health and the quality of their lives."


Here’s 10 reasons why more guys should do yoga.

1. You’ll work different muscle groups

Most guys go to the weight room and do the same exercises for years and years. Yoga offers a way to build strength in different parts of your muscles that you’ve probably never built before.

2. You will burn calories

If you take a YOGA class - you will burn a lot of calories that will help you lose weight. It’s also not as hard on your joints as running is.

3. Yoga reduces toxins in the muscles

A lot of guys don’t do to much stretching, so toxins tend to build up in their muscles. Yoga is all about stretching all the various muscle groups to release built up of toxins in the body.

4. Yoga is great for stress relief

A major component of yoga is working on meditation and breathing. It’s like a meditation in motion that will help you clear your mind from your stress-filled work day.

5. It’s great for pain relief

If you have sore or stiff muscles, yoga does great things to relax and relieve the tension areas of the body.

6. It will give you an edge in other sports

Professional athletes do yoga to gain any extra advantage they can get.

7. You’ll feel better

Yoga will help you sweat and release serotonin in the brain, which will improve your mood. It will also improve you confidence because you’ll be in better shape. Most importantly, a lot of yoga includes meditation, which will help you become more calm.

8. Yoga will help you sleep

Yoga will will help you sleep because it reduces stress, which is usually a major part of keeping us awake at night.

9. Yoga will help you increase your strength

Most of the postures require that you coordinate your entire body in order to get into the pose. This will help you strengthen muscles throughout your entire body.

10. Yoga will help improve your balance

A lot of postures in yoga work on improving your balance. This will help you in sports and all areas of life.

About the teacher;

My name is RAD. I love Yoga. I love people and I love life. For me life is an adventure. Im certified HATHA YOGA teacher following the path of ANUSARA YOGA and Shiva- Shakti TANTRA. I am interested in energy healing and meditation. I am certified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.

I know how much Yoga has influenced and changed my life and I am here to inspire you to give it a GO!


121 YOGA

If you interested in Yoga and looking for ONE 2 ONE Yoga I offer session especially tailored to your needs. Private classes are a fantastic way to learn yoga at your own pace, focus on a specific health or alignment issue, or deepen an existing practice.

Each body is different and to solve each problem you and your therapist need to analise it together and then apply a treatment - postures chosen specifically for you. ARE YOU A BEGINNER? Very often we join yoga classes at the gym doing yoga postures without detailed understanding of the alignment or basic yoga principles. ONE to ONE Yoga it is your time to ASK QUESTIONS




9 amazing benefits of regular YOGA practice

What happens when you practice yoga positions in the right way (holding them steady, and relaxing into them) is that you

(1) breathe deeply. Since any time you remain steady and relax deeply, your breathing will also deepen as a natural consequence.As your body lets go of unnecessary tension (which is absolutely inevitable with practice, because it’s simply not possible to hold an asana whilst also holding on to stress) there is a deep

(2) ‘letting go’. Emotional stress that was locked away in the muscles and tissues of the body, especially the fascia, dissolves. This is why people sometimes cry or feel emotional during yoga practice; usually however the ‘letting go’ is on a more subconscious level.

As the body breathes more and more deeply, the lungs expand and contract more fully, gently and rhythmically

(3) massaging the internal organs and glands. They are toned; toxins are released; and all the systems in the body – the endocrine system (hormones); nervous system (stress + relaxation); circulatory system (energy) digestive system, and metabolism – are balanced. As well as this internal massage, the yoga postures are also well known for the wonderful

(4) external massage that they give: stretching. The muscular skeletal system is rebalanced completely; the main reason why yoga is known to be quite simply the best remedy for a bad back. Problems with alignment are corrected automatically, as the body remembers it’s proper relationship with all it’s various parts. Another reason why yoga helps to fix a bad back, apart from the stretching aspect of the exercises, is that it

(5) strengthens the body, especially the core of the body. The core muscle groups are the ones that hold the body internally, maintaining good posture and balance. Look at an experienced yoga asana practitioner, and you’ll see physical poise, balance, and lightness of limb. Yoga is known as ‘skill in action’, and certainly physical mastery is one of the results.
Inverted postures (such as shoulderstand and headstand) reverse the effect of gravity on the blood flow in the body, bringing

(6) much needed nutrition and energy to parts of the body that may lack them, rejuvenating the upper regions – heart, throat, and brain.The heart is especially benefited by these inverted postures due to the effect known as Starling LAW, which states that the more the heart muscle stretches, the more it in turn contracts. The large volume of blood entering the heart (carried freely by gravity from the legs, pelvis, and abdomen) stretches it greatly so that it then contracts strongly, and is given wonderful exercise; without any stress on the nervous system and knees, which other more aerobic cardiovascular exercise is guilty of.Heart disease, formerly thought to be irreversible, has been demonstrated to be not only reversible but also cure-able with the help of yoga. I mentioned hormones above. Most people don’t realize how important the endocrine system (system of glands which produce hormones to regulate many of the functions of our organism) is: it is responsible for our moods. That’s why we sometimes put unpredictable behavior down to someone being ‘hormonal’!In short, when you practice yoga, the endocrine system is balanced, toned, and stimulated, so that

(7) the correct levels of specific hormones are produced: to dissipate stress, and induce relaxation.

Yoga also brings our attention to any issues that we have – physical and emotional. It’s very hard to do a full yoga class and not notice tension in the body, or anger in the heart. The nature of these postures is that they

(8) bring problems, weaknesses, and stress to our attention. By way of example: if you have a weakness in your knee, which may well go unnoticed until you run for the bus and damage the joint, practicing yoga will undoubtedly bring the problem to your attention. You will then have to adapt your practice to accommodate the injury, and soon you will find that the problem is gone, as the postures soothe, stretch, and strengthen the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and tissues around the problem.
Practicing the physical aspects of yoga brings clarity, focus, and balance to the mind. Asana practice is really meditation too. It brings us mindfully into the present moment, with ease and grace, so that

(9)magic happnens: our body and mind integrate again. While most people think of themselves as a mind and a body; or perhaps a mind in a body; the truth is that the mind and body are one. There really is no separation between the two: they are like two sides of the same coin.The reality is that human beings are pure consciousness, pure vibrational energy. The body is a dense manifestation of that consciousness. The mind is a subtle manifestation of that consciousness. Both are essentially pure consciousness. So what happens when we practice asana is that in some kind of magical way, perhaps as a result of the cumulative effect of all the above points together, we suddenly feel ourselves more integrated; more comfortable ‘in our own skin’.


I remember how I felt after the first YOGA class.... I felt this overwhelimg feeling of ecstasy similiar to the one you might have after taking recreational drugs or alcohol. My vision was sharp; my body felt sooo light , my thoughts were crystal clear and at the same time I felt calm and grounded ....this massive joy bubbling up and taking over me…As I walked home through the streets of London everything around me seemed to be so beautiful and I felt infinite compassion towards each person passing me - of course I more. With time my yoga practice become like a addiction. However the source was not something external – a drug, alcohol or partying – it was something inside of me. YOGA offers a lot of promise - it enables you to connect with the very essence of your being- its like the biggest promise you can have.....it opens your heart...


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