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Über uns

The Zurich Data Products Meetup aims at exchanging industrial experience and best practices in both the technical and organisational aspects of creating a data product.

Some notable topics that we're passionate about:

•  Project management methodologies for data science teams developing data products (e.g. is Agile suitable ?)

• Defining performance criteria, measuring success and managing expectations of data products

• Embedding data science in an organisation. What is the right model?

• Building reliable end-to-end machine learning pipelines

• Managing the lifecycle of data products, a.k.a Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

• Data and metadata management for data products

• Scale AI from prototypes to enterprise-level products

Join us if you are a senior manager who wants to bring data science into your organization, a product manager who has to work with a data science team, a data science team leader who has to define and communicate the mission of your team, a data scientist who wants to bring more value to your organization, or even if you are simply enthusiastic about data and data science.