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- Join the whatsapp group for more info: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CafxQ2GctLI4WldU7xpRE8

- Outdoor football in Zürich. Everyone is welcome.

- Please bring bibs or a football if you can.

- We will aim to play on small pitches, 6v6, 7v7 or 8v8.

- Events will be held in Hardhof or Juchhof (Saturdays and Sundays) and in Kappeli (Tuesdays) for the summer season.

- LIMITED NUMBERS: In order to be more organised, matches in Hardhof will need to be limited in numbers, otherwise it's going to be impossible to manage. I will appreciate your understanding on this point.

- REGISTRATION VIA MEETUP: It will be necessary to be registered in Meetup to participate and I will appreciate that any person who withdraw a participation does it in not less 12h before the event. Sometimes we play very early and if somebody withrdaws at 00:00 in the night, nobody can replace him/her the day after.

- COST OF PARTICIPATION: 1 CHF/MATCH: The only purpose of this fee is to pay meetup. Most of you don't know but Meetup is not for free and as organisers we have to pay every year to maintain the group. Therefore 1CHF will be charged as symbolic price to finance Meetup and also the availability of at least 1 ball and 3-4 bibs.
I will set up a Twint account so that money can be transfered. I hope you understand.

- Check the availability of pitches at Hardhof here:

Thanks for being part of the community.

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