Price: $79.00 /per person
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The Richmond REIA and Real Estate Investor Group is proud to announce a 1 day SPECIAL Event with our IRA friend Guest John Hyre.


John will be providing a SPECIAL 1 Day workshop on Self-Directed IRA's. It will consists of 3 Powerful and Impactful sessions that you don't want to miss!!

All 3 sessions will involve a lot of Q&A – off the clock instead of the usual $350/hour that John charges his personal clients.

Here's the event agenda below:

Bookkeeping (2 hours, roughly 9 am to 11:00 am)

Why Use Quick Books – what it has, what it lacks How QB plays into audits Other record-keeping required to be ready for audits 1099 Requirements What a good set of QB looks like – because many of you have never seen such a thing The 5 screens you need to know in QB How to put money into a pass-through entity, how to pay yourself from the same, how to make the entries for the same How to purchase & classify items in QB Time permitting: What a quick flip with prehab looks like in QB

Tax Planning (1.5 hours, roughly 11:-15 – 12:30 & 1 pm to 1:45 pm)

Maximizing tax free meals, entertainment and travel Why the “Dealer” issue is overdone Reimbursing yourself from your business – the one thing most of you are missing Converting personal-use property (e.g. – those college textbooks) to business use Filling your home with tax-deductible furniture Renting your home to your business – tax-free Accelerated Depreciation – basics & when it helps and when it actually hurts you IRS Audits: Annoying, but nothing to fear, and how to handle them.

SDIRA/SD401k (2 hours, roughly 2:00 pm - 5 pm)

Why SD 401k & SDIRA accounts are the most valuable tax planning tools in existence Why I prefer 401k’s over SDIRA’s Basic discussion of Prohibited Transactions The two most subtle PT’s that REI miss My favorite way to grow a 401k or IRA: How one landlord got 50 rentals into his Roth Preferred dividends – an innovative way to fund IRA growth Participating debt – how to avoid UBIT arising from funding rehab JV’s Checkbook LLC Discussion What I heard from high-level IRS regulators in DC this week, in person.

Let's finish the year strong so please join us and bring a friend or guest.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Fresh Start Group

15430 Pouncey Tract Rd

Rockville, VA 23146