Deep Dive with Erin Leigh

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This workshop will involve taking a close look at individual productivity challenges, habits, and patterns to identify personal productivity barriers. Each attendee will construct a personalized strategy for streamlined success, based on the Seven Steps, that proactively address their unique productivity blocks so they can achieve more in less time.

The purpose of our time together is to provide the knowledge, tools, and resources to recognize, understand and make intentional choices to stay focused and work productively towards any goal, no matter how big or small.

About Erin and the Neat Niche:

What is the Neat Niche? The Neat Niche is here to help you "live organized."

what does it mean to “live organized?”
Living organized is about aligning your spaces, your choices, and your life to create a holistic experience that honors your personal needs and preferences.

Creating the life of your dreams isn’t always easy. But it doesn’t have to be a painful process.

As you release the stuff that no longer serves you, you make room for new thoughts and decisions. Living organized means aligning your choices and goals through small, daily actions.

Not sure how to get there? We’d love to help. Come to Hardy Wood - West Creek June, 17th and find out how to organize, your desk, your house, your mind, and your life!

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