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Richmond, VA

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Nov 15, 2016

Introduce your self to tell the group! (Tell the group what you currently do, what you have done and what you hope to do)

I am new to real estate investing. I have been studying over the course of the past several months and now moving towards launching my business, Green Lion Properties

What are your goals in Real Estate Investing? ( Do you want to Buy and Hold, Wholetail / Retail, or Wholesale?)

I want to build a buy and hold portfolio and will be looking to wholesale deals that I find that don't fit my portfolio.

What Real Estate Investing experience and skills do you bring to the group? ( If None, then please describe what knowledge you hope to gain.)

I have a broad understanding of the basics at this point, but now I'm looking to turn my education into experience.

If you are new to Real Estate or a Veteran, What would you say is your major Real Estate Accomplishment and Failure? (Example just got started, Studied with Guru's or Did nothing with coaching(Please Describe) from a mentor).

I have taken a guru course and read broadly. I have also been learning from an active investor here. My failure thus far has been not taking enough action on my own.

What do you hope you accomplish by being a member of this Real Estate Investor Association? (Be Specific, because this group loves to make goals come true)

I hope to build a network of investors in the area. Some of these I hope to learn from their experience, and some of these I hope will become buyers of deals that I find.