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Richmond, VA

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Feb 18, 2019

Introduce your self to tell the group! (Tell the group what you currently do, what you have done and what you hope to do)

nizaton. I specialize in listing investment property in the Churchill area of Richmond, VA. I've managed a real estate company and I was also a transaction coordinator. I hope to meet and network with other individual in the business and start purchasing investment property to flip.

What are your goals in Real Estate Investing? ( Do you want to Buy and Hold, Wholetail / Retail, or Wholesale?)

My goal is to purchase investment property, rehab and resale.

What Real Estate Investing experience and skills do you bring to the group? ( If None, then please describe what knowledge you hope to gain.)

I've sold several investment property in Churchill. So I've meet and have affliations with renovation consultants and hard money lenders.

If you are new to Real Estate or a Veteran, What would you say is your major Real Estate Accomplishment and Failure? (Example just got started, Studied with Guru's or Did nothing with coaching(Please Describe) from a mentor).

My major accomplishment would be being able to do learn and work in several different aspects of the industry within a year and a half in the business. My biggest failure I was say was thinking that this industry was cookie cutter and some aspects but the reality is that not true at all.

What do you hope you accomplish by being a member of this Real Estate Investor Association? (Be Specific, because this group loves to make goals come true)

Continuing to build relationships with others and contribute my knowledge of the tax industry, laws and how changes affect the real estate industry and investors. I have a 25 year background in the dealing with taxes from individuals, corporations, trust, LLC's, etc.