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Cathy M.

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Henrico, VA

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Jul 12, 2013


I've lived in Richmond since 1998 with my husband, Moe and our two kids. Moe & I work together building our real estate business. Both of our children are now also realtors and investors.

Introduce your self to tell the group! (Tell the group what you currently do, what you have done and what you hope to do)

Real Estate Broker, buying and selling in the Greater Richmond Area - Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Richmond City, Mechanicsville, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Petersburg

What are your goals in Real Estate Investing? ( Do you want to Buy and Hold, Wholetail / Retail, or Wholesale?)

Wholesale, Retail, Buy and Hold AND Renovate

What Real Estate Investing experience and skills do you bring to the group? ( If None, then please describe what knowledge you hope to gain.)

12+ Years of working with real estate investors to build an investment portfolio.

What do you hope you accomplish by being a member of this Real Estate Investor Association? (Be Specific, because this group loves to make goals come true)

Build business network, and to be of service to other investors.