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Hello to those wishing to join,

Know deb3321 closed March 2017. Crit sessions are not currently being held. We are looking towards the middle of 2019 to possibly reopen, If you would like to join and wait! you're welcome. We will let you know one way or the other if we do reopen or if we will stop hosting this Meetup.

Best to you>deb


deb3321 is a contemporary/experimental artist's studio that has exhibitions, uninstructed figure drawing sessions, lectures, instructed classes or whatever is appropriate to the vision of the studio.

deb3321 started the crit/artist discussion group for artists to meet and receive/provide feedback about their work once a month. However, we're changing the format and this meetup will be dedicated to post your websites. When you join, you must provide the site to your website. You may also provide any text you would like for us to post. We still will keep the physical meeting to accommodate those who wish to meet in-person, but the primary aim of this site will be to post your websites and encourage written dialogue through the Meetup through the Discussions tab https://www.meetup.com/deb3321-Artists-Crit-Session/messages/boards/ on Meetup.

Los Angeles is exploding in the arts, many large galleries are opening, it is a phenomenal time in our city. We hope when you join you will find either like-minded individuals or those who challenge you and we intend that this venue encourages the dialogue.

Thanks! Look forward to what can happen. >deb

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