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Friday Night Soapbox

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Friday Night Soapbox is your opportunity to let yourself go after a long week of being on your best behaviour.

Every opinion you kept to yourself, every debate you didn't have, and every point you didn't make - in the name of being polite and professional - is welcome here.

In addition, before anybody does any speaking, you get a free drink and half and hour to relax and get to know everyone.

How does it work?

The format is simple. We start with a panel of pre-selected speakers to warm everyone up and we give them a few minutes to express their opinion on a topic of their choice and then we ask the audience (that's you) if they agree or disagree with what they have to say. After we take a few comments from either side, we move on to the next speaker.

Once you're all warmed up, we hand over the floor to you and give you 3 minutes to say ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING (well there are one or two exceptions - see below). Best of all, you get feedback as we ask other audience members who agree or disagree with you to share their reasons, which makes for a great conversation starter too when we all head to the pub afterwards.

What are the rules?

No heckling - it takes courage to stand up and speak in front of a room of strangers and that courage deserves respect.

No abusive language - keep it clean and don't use the soapbox to attack someone else in the room: we're all there to have a good time.

No alcohol - mainly because it greatly increases the chances of breaking rules one and two, but also because it is the only request our hosts have made of us and we intend to honour it.

How to pay and where your money will go:

Admission is £10 on the door per person, which also gets you a free soft drink.

Aside from covering the cost of the venue and drinks, all proceeds from this event will be donated to Debate Camp Rwanda, a non-profit training programme for young Rwandans in public speaking and critical thinking -