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This House Believes a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is impossible


Last week the world celebrated a tentative ceasefire agreement ending the violence in Gaza and the rocket attacks on Israel. Yet, even as talks begin on allowing the free movement of goods and people into Gaza, already the question is being asked: how long will this peace last?

The debate over a lasting solution to this conflict is just as complex and heated as the debate over its origins. The favoured outcome of the international community is a two-state solution with a free Palestine peacefully co-existing alongside a secure Israel. However, the failure of countless peace agreements to resolve a conflict steeped in history has continually cast into doubt the viability of any lasting solution.

Can a two state solution still work or is it time we admitted that the divides between each side are simply unbridgeable and that peace in our time is something we are unlikely to ever see? You decide.


Our format will be a simple 2 v 2 debate with each panelist given 5 minutes to speak before we hand over to the audience for an interactive Q&A where the speakers can respond to your questions and comments.

When it's all over, we stick around for a drink and a chat, which is of course when the real debating begins.

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Admission to this debate is free of charge. However, we do ask that you help us show our support for our hosts, the Old Cock Tavern by buying a drink and that you refrain from bringing in your own food and drink from outside.

See you Thursday!