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We are beings of complex energetic capacity, sending and receiving waves of affecting vibration whether or not we know it. We may consciously tune in to our own frequency when it is a convenient time to enter "creation" mode, but what about those crowded airwaves silently bombarding us at every given moment? Sometimes we forget our absorbency. Sometimes there is more going on in and around us than we are prepared, or perhaps equipped, to process.

Whether or not we fully understand it, the fact is we are always giving it expression as some form of emotion. We FEEL. And emotions are POWERFUL.

Deep Awake welcomes back Aaron to help us explore this inner space in a fun and healing environment. We will take short guided journeys together, discuss and discover new levels of consciousness, and increase awareness of our innately sensitive natures.

Learn new, easy to carry tools that help you identify what is happening internally during times of stress, and begin to better process emotional energies with an increased sense of grace.