:Bi-monthly Race/Hack/Build - A.V.'s/ mini-Robocars

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Welcome to the Deep Racing Meetup Event!

**Before coming, please read through the DonkeyCar project**
"What we call the ultimate intro i.e. the "hello world" of mini-autonomous vehicles and robotics+A.I., in general" (Credit: Will Roscoe, Adam Conway)
- We will follow the Donkeycar project build to start, discussing modifications, and exploring how to jump off towards real-world autonomous vehicle[machine] innovations.

Join us to:
- Participate in community based learning to explore neural net architectures - from behavioral cloning to reinforcement learning
- Explore computer vision, hardware hacks & prototyping in robotics, including topics are digital fabrication techniques for making hardware hacking as quickly and useful as possible i.e. 3Dprinting & Laser Cutting
- Explore new sensor fusion techniques

Check out some fun photos from our website:
[ ]

We will also discuss DeepRacing structure and goals on how we plan to enable robotics innovation pushing towards 'tech-parity' with the leading autonomous vehicle efforts. We feel we can possibly push beyond the full-scale efforts - prototyping faster, racing harder, faster - all happening at the 1/10th scale!

Any questions - please email: [masked]