Recovering from Ransomware Apocalypse

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With Michael Rossoni. Being a victim of ransomware is never fun, no matter how masochistic one may be. The recovery process should be as easy as restoring from backups and being back online within hours, but sometimes it isn't. When awesome security engineers and rock star IT professionals make up part of a small business, this recovery can require little effort. For a well established, large company, the process is more nuanced, especially when networking and infrastructure staff have ignored architecture changes suggested by information security over the years.

Come with us on a journey of one application security engineer and his efforts in helping a large company recover from ransomware apocalypse.

Mike's an electronics hobbyist, software hack, and certified application security professional (GWEB, CSSLP) who voids warranties and breaks things to figure out how to make them better. He's been in the software engineering business professionally in a variety of roles, including application security (secure SDLC, pen testing, etc.), network-enabled embedded systems development, QA, and full stack development for both on premise and SaaS based solutions. He also plays role of sysadmin when necessary.