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The Seattle Democratic Party Meetup Group Monthly Meetup
This will be a meeting for anyone interested in doing something about Local Issues. We are looking for people who are doing something and need help and for people willing to help. Bring with you your issues, concerns, ideas, suggestions, thoughts. Bring them to this meeting. The doors are open. Walk on in. You might find what you are looking for..... David Krafchick Organizer PS: It costs around $20 a month to run these meetings. I will never set a fee to attend, but donations are welcome. I want this out front. There is no fixed amount. Whatever you offer is appreciated the same. This will be posted with every meeting from this point forward

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This Group was started in 2004 by people who wanted to fight the Bush reelection. Afterward, there were a few Event meeting where a topic was selected and guests invited. Today we believe everyone should be aware of the local political action happening around them. When we work together, we not only help ourselves, but make a proactive difference for all of us..

Lastly I recognize that it costs me $20 a month to post sa meeting here. I may not always remember, but a donation in any amount is truly appreciated.

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