What we're about

This group is about one thing and one thing only.

Learning the systems that million dollar a year real estate agents use. If you want to know what it REALLY takes to dominate the competition and be a TOP 1% real estate agent...you're in the right place.

The group exists to help you become a top producing agent, WHILE enjoying more freedom and feeling great about what you do.

This group has just 2 rules:

1. Ask for help when you need it.

2. No bashing - please be cool and keep discussions positive.

One more thing. Being shy and growing your business don't go hand in hand, so understand that the purpose of this group is two-fold.

First, we're going to have a very valuable conversation about growing your business as a real estate agent.

You will learn more just by hanging out in here for free than you have in the last $5000 you spent on training.

Second, we believe our methods are the best in the world. This will be no exception.

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The Passive Income Real Estate Investor Live 2 Day Event

Needs a location

To learn more and register for the FREE event, go to: www.passiveincomerealestateevent.com

During turbulent times, building a passive income real estate portfolio is more important than ever.

Over the next couple of years, we have no idea:

  • Where the job market will be
  • Where asset prices will be
  • How business will do

But, we do know that passive income rental real estate will always provide cash flow to it's owners - even in the most turbulent of times.

In fact, with mortgage rates going up and buyers being pushed out of the market, it is likely that rents will continue to increase.

At the FREE 2 day event we will discuss:
1. Why you need to build a passive income portfolio in today's market
2. How to raise capital to fund your deals
3. What types of properties you should be purchasing(now that the market has changed, this has shifted also)
4. How to propertly manage your passive income portfolio
5. How to be a completely passive investor
6. A FREE bus tour to a 19 unit new construction apartment that we are currently building AND
7. An economic update on where things are a month from now
8. Free Lunch served both days

To learn more and register for the FREE event, go to: www.passiveincomerealestateevent.com

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