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This group is about one thing and one thing only.

Learning the systems that million dollar a year real estate agents use. If you want to know what it REALLY takes to dominate the competition and be a TOP 1% real estate agent...you're in the right place.

The group exists to help you become a top producing agent, WHILE enjoying more freedom and feeling great about what you do.

This group has just 2 rules:

1. Ask for help when you need it.

2. No bashing - please be cool and keep discussions positive.

One more thing. Being shy and growing your business don't go hand in hand, so understand that the purpose of this group is two-fold.

First, we're going to have a very valuable conversation about growing your business as a real estate agent.

You will learn more just by hanging out in here for free than you have in the last $5000 you spent on training.

Second, we believe our methods are the best in the world. This will be no exception.

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Secret strategies to convert your seller appointments into listings….

Getting face to face seller appointments takes a ton of work, time, effort, energy and in some cases money. With that being said MOST agents don’t have a killer listing sales process that they use in order to ensure that all of this time and money spent to get the appointment doesn’t go to waste. At our upcoming training session on Monday November 19th at 9:30am, we are going to be reviewing our 9 step listing appointment process that we recommend in order to give yourself the very best chance for success at each and every listing appointment. At the session we are going to cover 1. Our 9 step process for nailing all of your appointments including using sales techniques like building rapport, asking qualifying questions, trial closing and closing 2. What documents you should bring on the appointment - both contracts and handouts 3. Why having a cash offer on your listing appointment will give you a competitive advantage and how to get one for each and every one of your listing appointments 4. How to develop a personal value proposition - in order to make you stand out from your competition 5. How to leverage your company’s value proposition 6. How to overcome the most common objections that you face on most listing appointments Just for coming, we are also going to be giving away: 1. Our listing presentation 2. Our very best listing presentation handouts - that you can edit and use 3. The instructions needed on how to get a cash offer on each and every appointment that you go on(if you want to offer one) 4. Breakfast 5. A video recording of the session

6 Figure Agent Business Builder Clinic

Four Points by Sheraton Wakefield Boston Hotel & Conference Center

So you've heard about an endless number of lead generation strategies.... But you aren't sure what strategy you should choose. If you are confused on whether you should be tackling buyer leads, cold calling, expireds, fsbos, farming, working your sphere, open houses, or the investment side of the business, this event is for you. This hands on, all day clinic is not only going to give you the information you need to succeed, but is a hands on event that will give you a better understanding of where you should focus your time, effort and energy. We will spend 1 hour on each and every lead generation strategy that Cameron teaches on - broken down as follows: 1. 15-20 mins on teaching on the lead gen strategy 2. 15-20 mins on script practice 3. 15 - 20 mins on taking action and actually working leads. For instance - on the buyer lead generation side, we will be doing: 1. 15-20 mins on how to work buyer leads 2. 15-20 mins practicing working them as a group with each other 3. 15-20 minutes actually working buyer leads that we will give you By the end of the day, you will leave with an understanding of not only what it takes to successfully work different kinds of lead generation strategies but also which lead generation strategy works best for you & a plan for how to attack the rest of 2019. Lunch will be served!

Generate an overflow of buyer leads by getting access to these listings...

For every listing that you have, you should obtain at least 1-2 additional pieces of business from it by simply promoting the property the right way. But how do you promote your listings the right way in order to generate leads, and what do you do if you don’t have listings to promote? At our upcoming training session on Monday November 26th at 9:30am we are not only going to show you how to promote your own listings, but also how you can get access to over 100 fully renovated homes to promote and generate your own buyer leads from. Listing promotion strategies that we will cover(but are not limited to), include Facebook, Craigslist, Open Houses, Signage, Riders, Zillow Coming Soon and Single Page property websites. These list promotion strategies have helped us to generate over 1,000 leads per month for over 3 years by promoting 20-30 properties at a time. We are also going to share with you everything that you need to know about converting these buyer leads into appointments, contracts and ultimately into commissions including: 1. Use of a CRM 2. Email marketing templates 3. An overview of the text messaging platform that we use in order to ensure speed to lead. Just for coming, we are also going to be giving away: 1. Access to over 100 listings that you can promote per year 2. How to gain access to our off market property database(to give your client’s more access to homes that they can purchase) 3. Breakfast 4. A video recording of the session

Rehabbing Homes For The Highest Profit

Cameron Real Estate Group

How you renovate a home makes all the difference. Most people(incorrectly) think that the goal of a flip is to make the home as nice as possible. While this can be fun, it is typically not the most profitable. There are many variables to consider that we will be discussing in detail inccluding: 1. What type of renovation the area warrants - each neighborhood is different and you don't want to over-renovate or under-renovate any specific area. 2. What the market is like - in a sellers market where prices are high, buyers may prefer a lower price with less of a renovation and when it is a buyer's market you may need to pull out all the stops. 3. What type of project you should do for a multi family - should you condo convert or leave it as a multi family - what is highest and best use 4. The different kinds of contractors that you should consider hiring - whether you hire a general contractor, sub out the job yourself, etc. 5. What type of work yields the highest return on investment(baths versus kitchens, exterior work, systems and more Food will be served!

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