• Meetup @ Mobiel.nl



    Het is al weer veel te lang geleden en dus de hoogste tijd voor weer een Ruby meetup! Deze keer zijn we te gast bij Mobiel.nl in Leidschendam.

    Martijn van Mobiel gaat iets vertellen over welke technologieën zij momenteel gebruiken.

    Er is ruimte voor een 2e talk, dus als je ook iets wilt vertellen laat t met dan even weten.

    RSVP ajb als je komt, zodat we weten hoeveel mensen we kunnen verwachten.

    Tot de 12e!

    Marek de Heus


    It has been way too long since the last meetup, so time for another Ruby meetup! This time we are guests at Mobiel.nl in Leidschendam.

    Martijn of Mobiel.nl will have a talk about what technologies they currently use.

    There is room for a second talk, so if you would like to do a talk, let me know.

    Please RSVP so we know how many people we can expect.

    See you on the 12th!

    Marek de Heus

  • Dev Meetup by Digidentity


    On February 7th Digidentity opens its doors for an evening of fun and interesting talks. It'll take place next to Den Haag Holland Spoor train station.


    • 18:00 Doors open

    • 18:30 Food is served

    • 19:00 Opening presentation

    • 19:15 Pascal Van Hecke - Co-Founder @ Token Engineers Digital Identity, Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Blockchain and Smart Contracts seem to be the latest hype. Pascal Van Hecke will try to demystify what it is all about and discuss the link of Digital Identity and Blockchain. Most of the talk will focus on the Ethereum ecosystem, however the concepts are applicable to competing technologies.

    • 20 :00 Drinks and snacks

    • 20:30 Jan van der Pas - Backend Developer @Digidentity
    Using JWT for our Rails API's: How we're using JWT (JSON Web Token) to secure and scope our API's.

    • 21:15 General discussion, drinks and snacks

    • 22:00 Lights out and doors closed

    Location: Waldorpstraat 17p on 7th floor, 2521 CA Den Haag (Urban Offices) Parking is possible near the entrance or at the Q-park.

    Please make sure you bring some form of identification with you (passport, drivers license)

  • Let's have a drink!

    Location visible to members

    It's been way too long since our last meetup.

    So let's start off the new year with a meetup of your favorite programming language ;).



    PS carnival costume not required but greatly appreciated ;)

  • Denhaag.rb drinkup!


    It has been a while since the last meetup. Join us for some drinks and some ruby!

  • Ruby meetup @ OGD

    OGD (Vlak bij station Delft Zuid) , 3e verdieping

    Celebrating 5 years of meetups and nearly 100 members, we are excited to announce another meetup at OGD.

    Food will be arranged around 7:00 PM if you want it. If you register in time, you'll be contacted before the meeting to let us know if you want any.

    Confirmed talks:

    • Jauco Noordzij on who we are and what we do with Ruby

    • Timon Vonk on ElasticSearch

    • Rene van den Berg on Arrthorizer: access control in your Rails app.

    • Roelof Reitsma on Mounting api-engines in your existing Rails app

  • Joint meetup: Rotterdam.rb and Denhaag.rb at fourstack.nl (talks and drinks)

    After having piggybacked on dev/haag (https://www.meetup.com/devhaag/events/123293272/) and Rails Girls (http://railsgirls.com/thehague), again a meetup of our own!


    • Marek de Heus on do's and don'ts in crypto

    • Harm Aarts on the Go programming language (http://golang.org/)

    • Frans van Camp: Bug Hunter (http://lightning-thunderbolts.r13.railsrumble.com/) and the Rails Rumble experience

    • Lightning talks (just five minutes, slides optional): contact us (https://www.meetup.com/denhaagrb/suggestion/) so we can add it here as well!

    Drinks by Fourstack.nl (http://fourstack.nl)!

  • Rails Girls The Hague


    Several members of DenHaag.rb coach or help out at Rails Girls The Hague, a training weekend organised by and for (mainly) women developers!

    Check out http://railsgirls.com/thehague (registrations only via their site) and let it know to anyone you know who you think might want to participate.

  • DenHaag.rb meets at /dev/haag!


    For our next meetup, we will join http://devhaag.nl : "where designers, developers and 'makers' mingle".
    There will be talks about RubyMotion and about SVG for the responsive web. Extremely relevant for our crowd so register at:


    (There might be a waiting list already - just join it, the last week people who cannot make it, un-rsvp again)

    (Digidentity, where we had our meetup last December, is hosting, so it's just a few steps from Hollands Spoor train station. Dev/Haag meetups tend to be fully booked quickly, so register asap)

    CU there!

    Marek, Petrik, Pascal

  • Delft.rb @ OGD! (or: where Rotterdam.rb and DenHaag.rb meet up :-)

    OGD (Vlak bij station Delft Zuid) , 3e verdieping

    OGD is an allround ICT company with some 700 employees. Part of its business is software development, both in project and developer-for-hire form.

    OGD also develops part of its own software. The largest and longest project currently running is Coconut, a Private Social Network for companies with 50 employees or more, which centralizes communication, filesharing, documentation and social aspects. Coconut is developed in Ruby on Rails, using technologies such as SCSS, Ember.JS and of course the ever-present jQuery. More information on Coconut - along with a demo - can be found here (http://www.coconutcenter.com).

    On this night, there will be three talks by OGD employees:

    * Lennaert Meijvogel will speak about JavaScript frameworks, with a particular interest in Ember.JS.
    * Roelof Reitsma will speak about the toolchain used by the Coconut developers, involving code reviews and continuous integration.
    * Rene van den Berg will speak about securing web applications, emphasizing Ruby on Rails-based web applications.

  • Joint meetup: Rotterdam.rb and Denhaag.rb at Floorplanner.com

    We will join Rotterdam.rb at March 5th. Go and register at their meetup page! (https://www.meetup.com/Rotterdam-rb/events/103102832/)