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Jyotish Methods for Investigating the Topics of Life, with Eujenia Renfroe

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Price: $10.00 /per person

Mercury Cafe

2199 California St · Denver, CO

How to find us

We will be over on the left side of the building by the stage once you enter through the front door.

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The July meeting of the Denver Astrology Group will feature a lecture by Denver Astrology Group member Eujenia Renfroe about how to evaluate specific topics in a chart using Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish. Read on for more details about the meeting below.

- Lecture Description -

Jyotish and traditional Western astrology are more alike than different in many ways - but Jyotish has a few powerful techniques unique to it that allow us to dig deeply into specific areas of the life. Jaimini Karakas and the divisional charts are just two of those, and will be the special focus of this lecture. See how we use those significators and charts to give deep and specific delineations on subjects such as career, marriage, real estate, the maturing of life, and more.

- About Eujenia -

Eujenia Renfroe is a student and practitioner of Medieval and Renaissance Astrology, and more recently, of Jyotish, better known in the U.S. as Vedic Astrology. She began studying with Christopher Warnock, after discovering the exciting revival of traditional astrology, and currently studies Jyotish with Julene Louis of Cleveland, Ohio. Eujenia also holds a practitioner's certificate in Horary Astrology from the School of Traditional Astrology.

Eujenia has a particular interest in forms of divination, and has read tarot for over 20 years. She finds horary astrology particularly interesting from that perspective, and also has a strong focus on astrological magic and remediation. She feels that both of those practices bridge the gap between understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, one's fate and circumstances, and the desire for free will. She can be reached through her blog

- Meeting Times and Fee -

The meeting will run from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

The fee for attending the meting is $10.

- Parking -

If you can find a spot to park on the street then it is free, although there is a two hour limit on some spots. The lot immediately adjacent to the Mercury Cafe building is also free on the weekends. The parking lot right across from the Mercury Cafe on the other side of California Street charges $2 for parking on weekends.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!