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Ben Dykes: Traditional Interpretation of Romance & Marriage in Natal Astrology

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Speaker Info: Benjamin Dykes, PhD, Medieval astrologer, and author of recent translations of astrological works from the Medieval Persian and Latin astrological traditions, including Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy and Works of Sahl and Masha’allah, will be giving a lecture titled Traditional Interpretation of Romance and Marriage in Natal Astrology.

Lecture Description: Dr. Dykes will explain the important differences between the traditional and modern approaches to natal chart interpretation. By introducing traditional methods of delineation and prediction, he will demonstrate how to use the techniques to study matters of love and romance in the natal chart.

More information about Ben and his work is available on his website at http://www.bendykes.c... (

The fee for the meeting is $10, and all proceeds will go towards paying our speaker and sponsoring future lectures and events. Each attendee will also get a copy of an astrological calender/poster, which were recently donated to us by Kirk Kahn of You can view of picture of what the posters look like here: http://planetwatcher.... (

If you are interested in attending the meeting then please RSVP, and tell everyone you know about the talk. This is our first out of town speaker, and we are hoping to have a lot of attendees so that we can invite other speakers from out of town in the future.