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Cafe Sci 2: "Denver in the Anthropocene"

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Hello all. Time again for Café Sci 2. Here is the topic link: (topic outline below). We'll be on the 2nd floor of Brooklyn's.

Cafe starts at 6:30 and is usually done around 8:15. We always recommend you arrive by 6 (or earlier) for a good seat. Also, the Café is open seating - any unoccupied chair is fair game.

Parking: should be free (or possibly $1) in Pepsi Center Lot A (aka 'Camry' lot), which is directly across from Brooklyns' front door - just south off Chopper Circle. ***If there happens to be a parking attendant, just tell them you're attending a science presentation at Brooklyn's.***

For those new to the group: this is not an official atheist meetup. Cafe Sci is open to the general public. However, folks from our group usually occupy the long rectangle of tables in the center of the room. If you don't know anyone, just ask if they're from the "meetup" group. Or you can come find me...I'll be on the far side of the room near the PA setup.

Please only RSVP "Yes"...this just gives us an idea of how many folks from our group are coming.


More energy is coming into our planet than is leaving it. This dis-equilibrium is modulating our world. Colorado is amid a nexus of changes; changes that are swirling about us right now. Issues ranging from fracking to flooding to forest death to water shortages to loss of coal mining jobs are discussed daily.

Geologists have defined our time as the Anthropocene, the age of man. We have become a global force, an agent of change of such magnitude that millions of years in the future our mark will be manifest on the record of life on earth.

Our evening discussion will review some of the data sets that define the changes we are observing, then will move to a review of practical and proactive steps that are being taken on the Front Range by our citizens.

We are modifying the way we generate electricity, we are changing the way we consume water. We are cleaning up our air, cleaning up our city, and re-orienting our society to flourish in the new era in front of us. I will stress that it is not a fait accompli; we have big challenges and much work ahead of us; but if we are not up to the task, then whom?