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What we’re about

  • Purpose: The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for lively discussions for female INTJs, who make up only about .5% of the population.
  • Members: If you are a woman who has tested as an INTJ on a Myers-Briggs personality test and likes to be part of conversations with like-minded women about varied topics, then this group could be for you.
  • Meetups: We get together once a month for a 2-hour in-person conversation that is led by a pre-determined theme. Attendees are asked to find a book, article, or video that touches on the theme. That way there are open ended options for reading / listening / watching whatever content you choose. We used to do a book club format but found that not everyone had the time or the interest to read the book. By using a theme, we can encourage everyone to meet and can include everyone in the conversation more easily. Additionally, once a quarter, we plan a different type of outing such as a dinner, a walk, an activity or a holiday party.
  • Location: We have our monthly meeting location set to an area in the suburbs north of Denver. We don’t plan to have any remote meetings.
  • Dues: We collect membership dues of $10 once per year to help offset the cost of the Meetup site. This will be charged after a 60-day trial period, so that you have a chance to attend a meeting and see if the group is right for you.
  • History: This group is a new meetup group as of April 2022, but is a 2nd or 3rd iteration of meetup groups of similar names. If you had been part of INTJ Women’s Mastermind, this is the next generation of that group.
  • Why do INTJ Women need their own social group?
  • According to Personality Club: "INTJs are rare, but INTJ women are even more unusual. Most women are feeler types and this fact has created a lot of the stereotypes of what a woman should be like such as warm, empathetic and socially minded. The INTJ woman is none of these, at least on the surface. INTJ women can overcome this by looking for other women who are intuitive thinkers, as they can create a bond with this type that will satisfy many of their needs for connection."
  • According to 16 Personalities, which refers to INTJs as Architects, “In friendship, Architects are looking for an intellectual match as much as anything else. These personalities crave mental stimulation, and they tend to have the most fun among friends who can challenge their ideas, expose them to new concepts, and steer conversations in unexpected directions.”
  • According to Introvert, Dear: "INTJs use Extroverted Thinking to interact with the outer world, and they lead with Introverted Intuition. They’re not going to be interested in close friendships with people who can’t engage these sides of their personality. They want friends who can and will participate in debates about interesting topics and deep-dive into abstract theories. The exact conversation topic will vary depending on the individual INTJ, but bottom line, they need friends who can engage them intellectually."
  • According to Personality Café: “The female INTJ ... needs more space than most women are willing to give. She doesn’t want to be in constant contact, often needing time to herself to think. If she is surrounded by women who cannot accept her differences, she will become very frustrated. The INTJ female needs friends who can understand her needs, as well as respect and love how unique she is. She needs to be able to find friends who will share her interests and keep up with her intellectual conversations. She will become bored with women who want to chatter about shallow topics that simply do not interest the INTJ.”