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Power Up with Karel Hadacek! Energize your body and connect with your guidance

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Power Up! Energize your body and connect with your guidance in 30 minutes a day. Karel Hadacek will provide a basic meditation practice that can help you receive your guidance, connect with the Earth, your guides, and your higher wisdom. Energy practices not only energize the body, but can assist in reducing pain and bringing balance and grounding to the body. These practices are stripped to the minimum so that you can power up your body and then get on with your day. If you are sensitive to the energies and frequencies bombarding the Earth, feel tired and unbalanced, or just want to live more in the flow, this daily practice can help you.

Karel is a past life regressionist taught by Dolores Cannon and an energy transformer using Emergence Care (bringing Kundalini to the body), Access Consciousness body processes (removing energies that do not serve), and Emotion Code (removing trapped emotions from the body). She works with the super-conscious mind to clear fear, false beliefs, and vows from the subconscious mind where they can interfere with our ability to live the life we desire.

This event will occur at our regular location. Remember that there is no parking on Federal Blvd. Please use 28th or one of the other side streets.

Denver Near Death Experience Spirituality
Denver Near Death Experience Spirituality
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2843 Federal Blvd. · Denver, CO