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CS6 Giveaway and "Fast and Easy ORM with Storm"

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Storm stands for struct ORM, struct referring to the Coldfusion struct data type. Storm was written when ColdFusion 9's built in ORM capabilities were still very slow, and Transfer ORM was proving to be to configuration heavy. Storm was focused on what Coldfusion does best, being simple and very dynamic. Storm is built with a philosophy of only being as complicated as the developer wishes. It can do basic crud simply by instantiating the storm object, and be as complex as defining object hierarchies for your database tables. Learn how you can use this ORM for your whole project, or to augment an existing legacy project to make your database interactions simpler.


Goodies and books provided by Adobe, Apex Systems and O'Reiley Books. We will also be giving away a copy of CS6! Food provided by Apex Systems.


When you pull up to the building, please feel free to park in the lot or the covered parking adjacent to the building. When you pull in, you will be asked to take a ticket. By the time the meeting is over, the attendant has gone home and you will not be charged for parking there.


Toby Rumans I has worked professionally with Coldfusion for 5 years with Adperio and is now Lead Developer for Plink, a rapidly growing startup here in the Denver area.