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Better Living with Message Queues

Or... How I learned to stop worrying and love asynchronous processing


Asynchronous Message Queues are a simple, proven method of scaling processing power. Their many uses include offloading bits of processing that can be handled later, or wrapping complex tasks in extra error handling for additional fault tolerance. Many packages exist to enable message queues, and other forms of asynchronous processing. But, most require additional software to be installed on application servers, which complicates your server configuration.

Zen Message Queue is a simple, light weight, open-source message queue built entirely in CFML and SQL. Inside of a couple hundred lines of CFC code, it provides a robust and fault-tolerant message queue that quickly handles high-volume, large-scale environments.

In this presentation, Ben Pate will introduce basic message queueing concepts, demonstrate the Zen Message Queue, and tour the code of this brand new open source project. This is a great opportunity to get involved in an open source project that can benefit many CFML environments.

Zen Message Queue is hosted on RIAForge at


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Ben Pate is a software developer with too many years of experience for his own good. After surviving two dotcom booms and busts, he took his ball and went home -- by working on a moonlighting project of his own called After six years of selling SaaS CRM/ERP software to small local gyms one at a time, Zen Planner is now a thriving business of its own with roughly 15 team members who are dedicated to helping small businesses, and helping our communities live better, healthier lives.

Zen Planner serves well over 100,000 athletes, martial artist, dancers, and yogis around the world. Built entirely in CFML, Zen Planner's purpose continues to be to challenge others to see how technology can truly serve people, and what they are capable of achieving as human beings.