SnapChat for Business 101

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This presentation is for professionals who have heard about Snapchat and its skyrocketing use by millennials, but aren’t sure whether it makes sense for their business or where to start.

We will cover the basics on how to navigate Snapchat and teach you how to tell your first Snapchat story. We will also discuss which types of businesses are best suited for Snapchat and provide expert tips on how to successfully incorporate Snapchat into your business’s marketing.

5 things participants will learn:

1. What is Snapchat? Participants will leave with a better understanding of what Snapchat is and how it works.

2. The mechanics of how to use Snapchat - i.e. create a snap, send a direct snap, create a story

3. Who is on Snapchat? Participants will learn the basic demographics of Snapchat’s users

4. Which businesses should use Snapchat

5. Tips from the experts on how to use Snapchat for business

About the Speaker:

Monica Gutierrez is a professional marketer & owner of Mariposa Marketing. She has a decade of marketing experience working with small and medium-sized businesses, such as real estate, law, fitness, movie production, technology, HVAC, automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, retail and veterinary medicine. In early 2016, Monica saw the growing popularity of Snapchat and the huge potential it provided for her clients. Since then she’s made it her mission to move to the forefront to advocate for this powerful new tool and uncover the strategies and techniques businesses can use to succeed on Snapchat.