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Throw Your Ass Out Of A Plane with Parker After Dark

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Let Parker After Dark Throw Your Ass Out Of A Plane

There is nothing like experiencing the heart pounding, adrenaline pumping excitement of leaping from an airplane at 12,500 feet and falling to the earth at ‘terminal velocity’ of over 120 mph. After your parachute unfurls above your head and slowly sets you on the ground, you will have enjoyed the most breath taking views of the Rocky Mountain front range from a vantage point very few people ever have.

That’s right – we are going to THROW YOUR ASS OUT OF A PLANE - AGAIN!
This is one of the most popular ongoing events of Parker After Dark.

We are not talking “indoor skydiving” (which isn’t skydiving at all). We are talking tandem skydiving at the Mile Hi Skydiving drop zone in Longmont. This is the real deal! You will be securely fastened to a highly skilled Tandem Master who has thousands of jumps under his belt.

As you ascend to the jump altitude of 12,500’ AGL (above sea level elevation equivalent of over 17,000’) you will enjoy the stimulating anticipation with the other jumpers in the plane. When the door opens and the cold air rushes in, you know you are about to have the time of your life.

I have been jumping at Mile Hi Skydiving Center for five years. This is one of the most professional and friendly drop zones in the country and is well known for its strict attention to safety. The Tandem Masters and videographers are extremely professional and will make your experience very enjoyable.

See photos and comments of the people whose asses PAD has thrown out - CLICK HERE (

Cost - $190 - $50 deposit required
Optional – Video of your complete experience - $99
Video – A professional aerial videographer will follow your every move – from suiting up, to free fall and landing. (This is the only way your friends and relatives will believe you actually did this.)

Is it safe? Of course it is.
Is it dangerous? Of course it is.
Is it fun? Are you kidding???????

If you are interested in joining us - SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY.
If you have any questions - email [masked]

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