Past Meetup

Indoor Hardcourt. Competitive, Pre-Competitive, Beginners. 5 Courts.

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81 people went

Price: $5.00 /per person

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$5 per night

Drop-in Program

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: Tuesdays – 7:30PM – 11:30PM, All others 8:30PM – 12:30AM
# of Courts: 2
Typical Attendance: 16-24 players
Quality of Play: Only managed when there are 24 or more players. Everyone plays, however pre-competitive (experienced) play is encouraged.

Times: 6:30PM – 12:30 AM
# of Courts: 5
Typical Attendance: 75-90 Players
Quality of Play: Carefully Managed (see below). 1 competitive court (A, Open), 2 pre-competitive courts (B+), 1 reverse coed court, and 1 open Gym type courts.

Times: 2:00PM – 6PM, Ending January 7
# of Courts: 2
Typical Attendance
Quality of Play: Only managed when there are 24 or more players. Everyone plays, however pre-competitive (experienced) play is encouraged.

Rules (Applies to all nights)
There are no sign up sheets.
Games to 25 (cap 27) if there is less than one other team waiting to play
Games to 21 (Cap 25) if there are more than two teams waiting
5 minute break between games.
Old Net Rule (any contact). This is for safety, particularly on the lower level courts.
Men’s height net
No gender rules - talent and skill dictate not gender
Admission includes the gym and workout area which you can use so long as no juniors are present.
You must wear a Momentum Volleyball Club wrist band and check in while at the facility.

Friday Court Specific Rules

Drop-In Levels and Rating System
Our levels and ratings are granted to each player by a combination of the subjective opinion of experienced club-level coaches and observation by the staff during events. Players that exhibit a long standing history of survival on courts 1 and court 2, are usually noted in the registration system and after a few weeks, are changed automatically to the respective rating. What this means is that if you want to earn your band without formally getting evaluated one-on-one by the staff, you need to make an effort to be noticed on courts 1 and 2 by the staff, otherwise the assumption is that you are just fine with the white band, and don’t care to have a higher level band. Once you earn a band, the only way you lose the band is either because many people complain, or because the level of competition has changed making it necessary to re-adjust the levels. We continue to attract higher levels of play, especially on court 1, and even though there are some really good players there, there always exists the possibility that much better players will show up, pushing everyone down.

If you are identified as a competitive or pre-competitive player by the staff you will be given a different color wrist band. This changes the rules for you and gives you certain benefits that are intended to improve the overall play experience for everyone. Read below to understand how this works.

Competitive – A-Open – Green Bands
Players that are competitive usually have many years of formal training and may have played in college. They are experienced and know how to run advanced plays and formations with almost flawless ball control. They consistently execute proper transitions, and play strategically. These players exhibit great agility, strength, speed, and high levels of experience with the game. Some players have been known to play professionally.

Pre-competitive – B – Blue Bands
Players that are pre-competitive usually lack the level of formal training of Competitive players, and area usually not as experienced, but are not beginners. They have decent ball control, but may make several errors in passing, and may make errors in reads. The know basic formations, defenses and offenses, and attempt and usually execute proper footwork, transitions, and are aware of and/or execute specialized positions.

Recreational – Developing – White Bands
Players that are recreational/developing usually are just getting started in Volleyball or have had very little or no formal training. This band is also given to players that are unrated or new to our facility.