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Public Indoor hard court Vball 40th &Kipling in NW metro(City of Wheat Ridge)

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Over 90% of the time there are people that attend that don't RSVP on this site.

303) 231-1300 is the phone number of the recreation center. for more info such a resident discounts and such.

Sign up to play at the table next to the net when you first get there. Sign up again every time you come off the court. If there are enough players (That usually means over 30 people ), then they will set up the other net. This is only on Tuesdays. Thursdays only has one net and currently no one is playing on Sunday drop-in.

I would advise only experienced players attend this drop-in. You should know what a 5/1 and 6/2 playing configurations are and be competent in all levels of the game. Don't think you can be taught during the game. Most of these players have over 5-10 or more years of upper level playing and they really don't want to train you. Training you really pulls down everyones' game. There is training opportunities at other times and locations.

On the 18th February there were 4 complete teams. 3 of the teams had mostly experienced players and they seemed to have a very good time playing. The fourth team was a terrible amalgamation of very experienced players, beginners, and everything in between. I for one had a terrible time loosing all our games. Teams are based upon when you arrive, so it appears that it is a good idea to come at 6pm or so to get your name on the team roster earlier and with the better players.

On November 5th only 7 people showed up, and 4 of those were beginners. The week before had 22 people with about 3/4s of those being excellent players. Two or three beginners, and the rest in between that. So what I am saying is you will never know what will happen at this drop in.

If you are thinking of coming, but waiting for more people to RSVP, then just go ahead and RSVP 'Yes'. You can change it later if you change your mind. Sometimes what happens is a bunch of people are waiting for others to RSVP and it ends up that not enough do, and so we don't have enough.

Last year there were sometimes 3 plus teams playing at this location on Tuesdays. Most of them don't RSVP on this website.

Because this is a public recreation center, the levels for play sometimes are everything to expert to beginner. The way the recreation center now has the east court utilization is that you sign up for the west court, and then when not playing there, you can play over on the east court while waiting.

Last year attendees were usually intermediate to expert level. Attendees that are only experienced playing volleyball at picnics and such are usually unhappy playing at this location because the higher level of play.

This video is similar to the play that usually takes place at this location. This video is something I found on the internet of another location. Notice how the setter on the close net is taking the 2nd touch of the ball to the right of the center, and he is setting all front row hitters, and occasional a back row hitter. Sometimes if the ball isn't passed to him someone else with set.

The recreation center has designated Thursday night drop-in for recreational and up players. February 20th we had about 4 beginners and 4 upper level players. It worked out OK. We got a lot of exercize and no injuries, but the overall level of play wasn't anywhere as good at Tuesdays.

If you know of location that we could rent and control the level of play, contact me, Davido, the principal organizer for this group.

FYI Wheat Ridge rec charges a $6.50 fee for non-resident drop-ins. They have punch cards and memberships for lower prices.

The Andersen gym can be rented if anyone wants to take on that responsibility, then the level of play could be whatever level you like.

This recreation center has scheduled drop-in on Sunday, but rarely are there enough to have the required 6 people to set up the net. Sunday would be a great time to have intermediate or beginner volleyball as the gym has volleyball scheduled, but currently no one is attending.


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