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Competitive-Focused Indoor Friday Night Drop-in

Hosted by Denver Metro Drop-in Volleyball

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This Meetup is past

SkyView Academy Preschool-High School

6161 Business Center Drive · Highlands Ranch, CO

How to find us

www coadultvb com for more information and directions

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This is structured to favor the competitive and highly skilled player. All the rules, formats, and structure is setup to make it possible for teams of players to get rewarded for winning and to stay together as a team if they do. Players that don’t play at a high level are either pushed down or to the sideline, and their teams penalized for not performing. This is the main reason that this drop-in exists and it is what makes Friday night unique from any other drop in offered in the Metro area. It’s about elite volleyball, and there has been a number of players that have left Friday night because they can’t keep up or because they don’t understand that it’s not a community function – it’s competitive volleyball. However, see Saturday night for other opportunities which counter balance this one night of exclusionary, elite volleyball.

In the first two weeks of January we had 54+ players that were at this event. The formats are explained in the coadultvb website. Basically, it's a two court ladder for the intermediates. Which means:




If you are unhappy on Friday it's for one of the following reasons:

1.) You don't play well enough.

2.) There are not enough other people who think you play well enough.

3.) You arrive late and the teams are already established.

4.) You play well, but you and/or your friends have an entitlement attitude and no one wants to play with you.

If you are happy on Friday it's because of the following:

1) You get there early.
2) You stack your team and it can climb the ladder and stay on it without falling off.

3) You know how to play competitive volleyball, and you can actually contribute to a team that is also trying to play competitive volleyball.

The format is designed to keep the top 90% playing continuously.
Admission is $6 per player cash only.

more information at

www dot coadultvb dot com

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