UTC Wednesday Pickup Grass Volleyball @ Washington Park at 5:00pm

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Washington Park

· Denver, CO

How to find us

We meet in the middle of Wash Park ( rectangle ) just in from Downing & Tennesee on the south end of the large meadow. Look for net with yellow poles and black Spectrum net. There also be a cardboard sign that says "Do-dah" on it.

Location image of event venue


This drop-in will be hosted by Kevin or other Up the Creek organizers. They always have 6 or more players that show up each event.

Up the Creek is a separate organization that offers weekly happy hours, holiday parties/picnics, ski trips, and other events.
http://www.upthecreek.org/ for more info.


Notice in this video that the front center person usually takes the second touch of the ball and sets it to the person to the right or left. There is attempt to have three touches per side.


This group usually has three touches per side athletic but not overly rule obsessed play. Emphasis is on fun and team play rather than high stress overly competitive games. Sides are usually balanced for even teams with skill levels sometimes divided on each net if there is more than one net.

No charge UTC Wash Park Pickup volleyball.

You don't have to bring a team. Teams are made up randomly and change during the afternoon. This is NOT a league!!! Player levels range from beginner to expert on many days.

Kevin will be bringing 2 UTC Nets and Balls at 5:30 PM. If somebody has a modern swanky net, please bring it as our 2nd net is the WW II Net. Also, if you have a modern swanky ball, please bring it as our balls look like they came from the bottom of the ocean.

We meet in the middle of Wash Park ( rectangle ) just in from Downing and Tennesee.

Highly recommended items to bring are ball cap, suntan lotion, libations, bottled water, and snacks.

Come play and join in with the Festive Wash Park Scene ( multiple nets for sure ) Lets continue on a roll with the V-Ball Fun !!!

Catch the V-Ball Fever !!! Round up a Buddy and stroll on in for the V-Ball fun and the awesome spring fever seen throughout Wash Park. Each week we get new Creekers show up so it is very interesting week to week. Some of the folks come only to socialize and that is really cool. Some weeks, we get a variety of games in that entail 2's,3's,4's,5's,6's. Feel free to bring non-members, family, and friends. If you have a volleyball, please bring it so we have extra balls for practicing skills.

Remember, this is 3 hit volleyball ( Bump, Set, Spike ) as oppose to Jungleball. We will train newcomers if they are not familiar with these skills.

Our goal is to satisfy all ability levels and get all interested players who show up involved in the action. If the turnout is light, of course it is okay to mix all types of ability levels on the same net. Like last year we would like to continue multiple nets for different ability levels. With 3 nets, we should be able to accommodate all ability levels assuming the turnout is large enough and varied as such:



Courtesy Rules:

Call the score before each serve so that all players can hear.

After each play is over roll the ball back to the server on the ground gently.

If you interfere with the net by touching it with your body please say that you netted and the play will be dead and serve will go to the other team.

Kicking the ball over the net is allowed as long as it is a soft attempt out of desperation.



Doo Dah