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What we're about

The Design Sprint Lab is a community of Design Sprint practitioners, who actively facilitate Sprint teams.

We provide a safe space to practice and further improve your skills as a facilitator. Each meetup provides a short, but in-depth crash-course into the most challenging phases and situations of a Sprint. Gain confidence for your next Sprint, and know how to get the best out of your team.

Please note:

To ensure a valuable learning experience for everyone, we expect our participants to be active facilitators (facilitated >3 Sprints). Are you a Design Sprint enthusiast but not (yet) a facilitator? Join our other social media channels!
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About our Meetup events

The setup of each meetup revolves around one specific topic of the Sprint, from Problem Framing to empathy mapping, from conflicts in teams to building useful prototypes. We learn from each other while practicing challenging Sprint situations. Also, you will receive feedback and tips and tricks for your own ‘performance’.

About us

At the Design Sprint Academy ( ), we have been facilitating and providing solution-oriented programs to help companies, such as Experian, TSB, Rovio, Phillip Morris etc. to adapt to new market developments, adopt new techniques, get tangible results and close innovation gaps fast.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Experiencing tricky Design Sprint situations? Contact us - we will be happy to discuss your dilemma during our next meetup.

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