Eureka: Innovation Taking Design Thinking to the Next Level

Design Thinkers, eXperience, Service Designers & Innovators
Design Thinkers, eXperience, Service Designers & Innovators
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We are delighted by the high demand for this event.

As have relocated the venue to Dawson Street for the 24th so host more people, and are looking for an even bigger venue so if you know of a company who could host this event in a Dublin 2/4 location please do drop me a note.

Even though the event is free, tickets are mandatory. Please book here.

Due to the high demands of the modern day consumer and the rapid speed of technological advancements, businesses are pressured now more than ever to constantly innovate to stay ahead of their competitors.

Are you looking to develop a more innovative organisation?
Bring more innovation into your organisation, product or service design?
Or radically improve your processes to bring competitive products or radically reduce costs?
If so, then let us show you how.

As the saying goes “It’s simple when you know how”

We’ve developed a new way to help you develop innovative solutions.

Innovation is often about looking at underlying patterns, insights and trends.

Our techniques prime your brain to be more innovative, facilitate your teams to develop truly innovative solutions and build blockbuster product families/roadmaps.

Over the last 20 years, we have been evolving our approach/methodology which we have developed by working on new products, services and process innovation in companies such as BT, Accenture, PWC and combined it with proven methodologies such as design thinking and service design to develop Eureka.

This is very much about the How to innovate and we are sure you and your teams will be able to make bottom-line improvements to your business once

You will be able to reduce costs, improve or develop new products and services and simplify and systemise the way you do things in your organisation.

This approach applies to Products (Physical and Software), Services and Process Improvements.

This event is for CEO's and their leadership teams, Project Teams & Project Managers in charge of change projects and Product Managers and Product Teams.

By attending the event, you are giving your consent to us to use footage image in the promotional material for Easypeasy LTD and any of its partner companies