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Wine & Design Thinking - User Experience Research Panel - The DOs & DONTs of UX!

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Cynthia Y.


Big companies and sleek startups are hiring designers and developers like crazy to make sure their creations are both usable and innovative. But doing Design Thinking and getting innovation involves a variety of talent, and increasingly organizations are realizing they must also have researchers to get there.

But how do you work with researchers? How does anthropology, psychology, and ethnography fit into product design, development cycles, lean startups, and just business?!?!

Discover the "DOs" and "DONTs" of working with UX (user experience) researchers, where UX research came from, and where it's going by hearing from our awesome panel of researchers:

Steve Portigal ( - principal of Portigal Consulting, author of Interviewing Users: How To Uncover Compelling Insights (

Alisa Weinstein ( - Senior Design Researcher

Gabriel Trionfi ( Head of Research at Pinterest

Celeste Roschuni ( - Design Researcher and Strategist

The moderator will be Cynthia Young ( (group organizer). We have lots of great questions for this great group of researchers, and bring your questions (and opinions) too!

The agenda for the night is:

6:30 - check-in, pizza, wine, & networking
7:15 - speaker presentation
8:00 - Design book raffle!! Program end and closing announcements

700 Alabama Street · San Francisco, CA