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Tips, Tricks and Hacks! Get things done in your favorite programs. With IDUG.

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What makes you a productive person?

Come join us and Adobe IDUG (Adobe InDesign Users Group). We are inviting anyone to show off any sort of time-saving tip, trick or hack in whatever program/app/utility you use the most.

Do you know something incredible in InDesign?
We want to see it...

Know something phenomenal in Photoshop?
Enquiring minds want to know...

Do you know Seven Wonders in Wordpress?
These are the droids you're looking for...

Can you make strikethrough text in gmail?
Verily! I bow before thee! (I've never figured out how to do this...)

It doesn't have to be Adobe-related, really complicated, or take up more than 1-2 minutes. It could be cool things you can do with a text editor, a web app, an iPhone/Android app you couldn't live without, some time-saving trick in Excel or Word, etc.

(Maybe what you know seems small or unimpressive to you or you think that no one else could possibly have any use for that one trick you came up with. But you're probably wrong. That one app/technique/trick/whatever you know could be the answer to making someone's life better. We would love to see any of your favorite productivity hacks, tricks and tips, no matter how big or small.)

If you have something you might want to show off, email us at

and we'll make a place for you.

(And if you have something cool to show, but want to avoid the whole standing-in-front-of-a-crowd-thing, email us anyway and maybe we can show if off for you.)

As usual, we'll have prizes to win (bring a few bucks), food & drink provided by Atlantic BT and lots of cool, interesting people to mingle with.

Hope to see you there!


Date, time, and location


Thursday, January 16 2013

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Atlantic BT
4509 Creedmoor Road
3rd Floor
Raleigh, NC


Meeting Details


Come join us for our next meeting. We'll be showing off a variety of quick tips, tricks and hacks in a few different programs. And we want to see any tips, tricks and hacks you've developed to save your sanity in whatever programs you use. We're not restricted to InDesign this month. Photoshop, Illustrator, anything.




Pizza and networking: 6:30 - 7:00

Lesson/Tips and tricks: 7:00-8:30

Raffle and wrap up: 8:30 - 9:00


Please register with iDug to attend