What we're about

The purpose of this meetup is to connect artists, designers, engineers, writers, and other creatives who are passionate about the environment and sustainability.

The goal is for us to meet and work on projects that would educate and guide the general public to make better ecological decisions. The projects can range from apps to social media campaigns to short films.

Some potential projects we can work on:
- Educating the public about their food choices and the effect on the climate using machine learning and computer vision (sample project: https://blog.clarifai.com/clarifai-featured-hack-measure-your-carbon-footprint-with-terrabeasts )
- Designing an automated recycling sorting system
- Social campaign against the use of plastics
- App for natural disaster prevention & relief
- A short animation that educates children on the environment

Please join and bring your passion, ideas, and expertise. Hope to see you all soon!

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