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"I'm back."

Previously described as having "the momentum of a runaway freight train", DesignOps – the most dangerous design meetup in Melbourne – is back in 2022!

That's right - we're bringing all our love back to traditional designers who share a deep passion for the font pairing, Helvetica & Comic Sans.

We'll hear chilling tales of mockups for "desktop", "tablet" and "mobile", with parts of 3 different design concepts all mixed together, that went through more rounds of changes than Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Spooky projects where developers and copywriters mysteriously disappeared from the entire design process, until some JPG files had a "Wingardium Lorem Ipsum" spell put on them to get approved, then handed off into the abyss of broken dreams.

We'll be talking design systems, improving design/dev workflows and sharing all the tropical details of our torrid love affair with Figma since our last meetup.

The future of design and development is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed. We can only show you the door, you're the one who must walk through it.

Optimistic regards,
<3 DesignOps LOL



🚪 5:30 - Doors open 🍕🍻
🎤 6:00 - Welcome
👨‍🎤 6:10 - Speakers
🍺 6:30 - Break
🎙 6:45 - Q&A
🤙 7:15 - Socialise and networking
🚶‍♀️ 8:00 - REA kicks us out
🍒 We go to Cherry Tree Hotel



👩‍💻 Alice Hendicott
Developer UI, Design System (REA Group)

👨‍💻 Rifan Thamrin
Senior Product Designer, Design System (REA Group)

👨‍💻 Ch'an Armstrong
Staff Product Designer, Design System (REA Group)

How we saved 320,000 hours
A public first, deep dive into the design system journey at REA Group. Getting buy-in, building together, shipping faster, unlocking creative vision and showing return on investment.


DesignOps Melbourne
DesignOps Melbourne
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511 Church St · Cremorne, VI
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