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Meet Italy Lovers LiveCast from Tuscany 3/10/24 10:30 am CST Intro on Zoom

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Meet Italy Lovers LiveCast from Tuscany 3/10/24 10:30 am CST Intro on Zoom


I will start a zoom call at this time from Tuscany at the Golden hour( IT WILL BE 5:30 PM FOR ME AND 10:30 CENTRAL IN US). Have a glass of something to toast so we may begin with a shared memory! I promise it will be from a beautiful setting to share the pleasantry of a place in Tuscany. This will be our first meeting. Together... lets build this group and focus it around spending time in Italy... and / or moving there . The focus for the group(the way I see it) is to share content and resources. I have made a list of vlogs that cover many of the topics of moving it Italy. I have gone through the six year process of obtaining my Italian Citizenship and can guide you to resources on that process myself.. but when it comes to the myriad of topics of reality of functioning in Italy let us come together and help each other! I have information and links to vlogs on healthcare, housing, cost of living... and how to buy real estate and links to those podcasts. I would like to be a conduit for all things to having extended safe, quality frugal and affordable times in Italy and...or... living there. We also, I hope, will focus on resources to learning Italian and cooking Italian, history culture and heritage! I hope you will join in with me... to this first meeting and/or share information in the chat to get started. I also have started a you tube channel to collect my videos and information at links below... Sign in for updates on content. @desireforitaly and a Patreon page with a small payroll for privacy.
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