Autonomy’s Role in Equitable Mobility

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Detroit Motor City Self Driving Cars 101
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This month we are teaming up with Women of Autonomy for a panel discussion around Autonomy's Role in Equitable Mobility.

On the day of this free, virtual event, please go to
to attend.

Thanks to !important Safety Technologies for sponsoring this event and keeping it free for all.

From an equity perspective, transportation contributes to many broad societal outcomes, such as employment, wealth, and health. Unfortunately, many underserved and underrepresented communities do not benefit from our current transportation systems, including low-income communities, communities of color, rural and indigenous communities, as well as people with disabilities, women, youth, and those with limited car access.

While autonomous vehicles show promise in removing mobility barriers for many of these underrepresented communities, there is much work to be done to address specific challenges. This session will discuss how we can address the topic of transportation equity, the state of accessible mobility, the challenges and opportunities in deploying equitable transportation solutions, novel deployments, and the actionable road ahead.

Speakers for this event will include

Dr. Shani Jayant, an Inclusive Mobility Initiative Leader and a UX Research and Design Manager at Volkswagen Group of America

Erin McCurry, a Product Manager of Accessibility at May Mobility

Myrna Peterson, Founder of Mobility Mania; Minnesota Governor’s Council for Connected and Automated Vehicles; Minnesota's Council On Disability

Tammy Meehan Russell, MBA/MIM, Founder and Chief Catalyst of The PLUM Catalyst, will moderate this event.

All are invited to attend this discussion!