/dev/070 DevPro meetup #4

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@18:30 Food --> pizza

@19:00 The presentation

The Future is Simulated as will be the Past and Present...Event(ually)!

Speaker: William Louth from JINSPIRED.COM

In this talk a vision is presented for the future of large scale distributed software development that is based on mirrored simulation of software execution behaviour (motion) and its environment (state) for reinterpretation and augmentation across space and time. When fully realized across multiple languages and platforms this vision has the potential to be one of the most significant advances in the engineering of software systems. Its impact will be as big as that of distributed computing, if not even greater. The talk will touch on the following topics which have inspired this approach:

-activity theory
-activity metering
-self-adaptive software
-experiential learning
-situational awareness
-mirror neurons and simulated embodiment
-simulation theory (and the matrix)
-episodic memories and dreams

as well as indirectly:

-discrete event simulation
-actor programming model
-event sourcing
-supervision and control
-signals and boundaries
-machine learning