DevNQ Sessions - October 2018

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This month DevNQ welcomes Lachlan Robertson and Navin Dev. Lachlan looks at the common pitfalls of programming and how to ensure you become a consistently miserable programmer, whilst Navin gives us a deep look at compilers and the art of writing your own!

Free drinks and food provided thanks to SafetyCulture.

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How to be a miserable programmer
Lachlan Robertson - Fierce (

Programming is complex. It is a challenging, time-consuming, tireless endeavour to make the impossible real on a tight deadline. In these times of desperation, our developer sense can fail us and lure us into doing the opposite of what we know to be right - like ignore testing, underestimate timeframes and having your 7th cup of coffee before lunch. Yet rather than stick to what we know, we cave - telling ourselves the sacrifice in technique will be made up for in speed - and then complain when everything falls apart; blaming everyone but ourselves for the ridiculous tasks set before us and swearing never to let something like this happen again. And then it does.

This talk will identify common pitfalls and excuses that you too can use to make sure you never have to go from feeling great to feeling miserable; by ensuring you’re miserable all the time.

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Yet Another Compiler Talk
Navin Dev - SafetyCulture (

Take a peek under the covers of a compiler to learn how compilers are structured and let's walk through how you can go about writing your own.

After developing a category-leading finance app on iOS, MonSense, Navin worked with Texas Instruments in developing new smart energy meters. He’s helped the Indian Space Research Organisation develop lossless image compression and now works to make workers lives safer every day with SafetyCulture.


- SafetyCulture (


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