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We are delighted to announce that the amazingly-named Axel Fontaine ( will be speaking at a joint BASH / Belfast JUG event on 30th March.

If you don't already know Axel Fontaine is an entrepreneur, public speaker, continuous delivery expert and independent consultant based in Munich.

He specialises in Continuous Delivery and hates complexity with a passion. He is the founder and the project lead of Flyway, the agile database migration framework for Java. He regularly speaks at technical conferences.

He is currently working on Boxfuse to radically simplify the deployment of Java apps, by turning them into ultra-compact perfectly isolated secure VMs within seconds and deploying them on any hypervisor with a single command.

(Shameless plug, he is also delivering his Continuous Delivery Workshop ( here in Belfast, 30th-31st March: We would of course totally recommend attending!)

For the BASH event itself, Axel will talking about Immutable Infrastructure....

"App deployment and server setup are complex, error-prone and time-consuming. But what if… What if it took just seconds to compile our application to the most minimal machine image required to run it? What if this image was measured in megs instead of gigs? And what if it could then be transported and run unchanged on your laptop and in the cloud? All with one command and no underlying OS required?

In a world where computing infrastructure is no longer a scarce resource, in a world of abundance where elastic software-defined units of computing have replaced rigid bare metal, it is time to adjust our thinking. It is time to embrace at the new reality of 2015 and the new opportunities it creates. And to do so we we’ll investigate how to take the best practices we learned at the application level and start applying them to entire machines.

We’ll look at how platforms and tools like AWS, Docker, Heroku and Boxfuse fit into this picture. We’ll analyse their strengths and weaknesses and discuss when you should use them.

This talk is for developers and architects wishing to radically improve and simplify how they deploy their applications. It takes Continuous Delivery to a level far beyond what you’ve seen today. Welcome to Immutable Infrastructure. This is the new black."

The event will run from 5.30pm until 7.15pm. The venue is still to be decided but is likely to be the Holiday Inn on the Ormeau Road. A few light beers and snacks will supplied, Liberty IT and Instil. (If you would like to co-sponsor, do let us know.)