Why Rust Is Ideal For Blockchain Development

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# Why Rust Is Ideal For Blockchain Development
Rust is one of the best programming languages for blockchain due to its highly-capable mechanism of handling mutable states. Also, the Rust compiler provides awe-inspiring optimization for blockchain.

The fast, memory safe, and exclusively concurrent nature of this blockchain coding language makes it most suitable for developing real-world blockchains.

Every day more and more blockchain projects choose rust; parity, polkadot, cardano rust, ethereum classic, exonum, grin, substrate, lighthouse, Nimiq. Do you want to know why?

During this meetup, Roberto Huertas will make a talk about Getting to know Rust, for all of those who don’t know the language and want to know more about it. Also, he will present the rust community in Barcelona, and the celebration of then next RUSTFest edition to be held in Barcelona this Fall, an event in which Caelum Labs is a co-organizer.

Alex Puig will talk about why rust is one of the best programming languages for blockchain. There is a vast difference between "program correctness was checked by tests" and "program correctness was logically proven".

Rust as a language is different. Not because of its fancy syntax or welcoming community, but because of the confidence one gains when writing a program in it.

# Agenda
18.30h - RustFest Barcelona edition presentation
18.35h - BCN Rust community presentation
18.40h - Introduction to Rust language by Roberto Huertas (BCN Rust)
19:00h - Interactive 101 session "Why Rust is the ideal language for Blockchain? by Alex Puig
20.00h - Beers :)

# Who are Roberto Huertas and Alex Puig?
Roberto Huertas is a software developer familiarized with different programming languages during his professional life, such as C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, Rust and others.

He's currently working at Telefónica Innovación Alpha (https://alpha.company) as a tech lead in the Health Moonshot.

Alex Puig is a software developer with extensive experience in Blockchain and self-sovereign identity; he was always involved in R+D projects and the tech entrepreneur scene. He is Caelum Labs’ CTO and founder of Alastria, the Spanish national blockchain and the first in Europe.

He is familiarized with Node.js, Rust and Solidity.

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