Discovering the differences between Ethereum and Obyte smart-addresses

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Important info: During this meetup you will learn how to write your first smart-contract using Obyte. We recommend you to bring your laptop.

Currently, smart-contracts have become synonymous of Solidity scripts on Ethereum, and these can be used to create many things: multi-sig wallets, fungible and non-fungible tokens, escrow wallets and so on.

There are endless ways in which the same functionality can be written differently in Solidity, which means that these smart-contracts are usually not readable for regular users and each implementation of the same functionality can have different bugs just because a developer forgot to restrict access to something that should have been limited by default. It’s good to see standardization of basic functionalities (ERC20, ERC721, SafeMath) with Solidity code, but its usually too late if your broken code is already up there and you didn’t think about how to replace the broken parts of you smart-contract.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to write smart-contracts. Obyte is a cryptocurrency platform built on DAG (directed acyclic graph) and it has human readable smart-contracts, also called smart-addresses because they are just addresses, which have a set of conditions that have to be true to spend from them.

Using these smart-addresses, the Obyte platform has multi-sig wallets, fungible and non-fungible tokens, escrow wallets and many other usual smart-contract functionalities already built-into the platform. It is still possible to miss some conditions that can leave bugs in smart-contracts, but it's more difficult to make mistakes as the Obyte’s smart-contract language is declarative.

# Agenda - 21/05/2019
* 18:30 - Welcome by Caelum Labs
* 18:35 - CockroachDB presentation by Robert & Armen
* 19.00 - Obyte presentation by Tarmo
* 19:30 - Installying Obyte bot & writing your first smart-contract for it
* 20:30 - Networking and beers :)

## Who is Tarmo Annus?
Tarmo Annus is software developer from Obyte. He has worked in many web development companies in the past 15 years, but he dived into cryptocurrencies full-time just 2 years ago by discovering the possibilities of Ethereum smart-contracts. The success of CryptoKitties also brought out additional problems with Ethereum smart-contracts, which made him look for other solutions until he found Obyte (formerly called Byteball).

## Who are Robert and Armen?
Robert Lee leads has experience as a developer & infrastructure delivery and extensive enterprise database experience for over 25 years solving mission critical needs for the largest global companies.

Armen Kopoyan is General Manager & International operates CockroachDB global business. Having worked in database technology for over 20 years, he works with companies looking for alternatives to the status quo of working with legacy technologies.

Obyte cryptocurrency platform

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