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6PM Networking

6:30 Introduction

6:40 Presentations


Deon Robinson at ART Success Inc..

Kevin Pajak at

John Brewer, CEO of Jera Design LLC

Alex Woolf at Kite Hill Studio


Deon Robinson

According to the Enrichment Journal the divorce rate in America is over 40% for 1st marriages and over 70% for 3rd marriages. We began to see a trend in our society and therefore a need to assist the individuals creating that trend. If you have ever spoken to anyone who is going through or has been through a divorce or separation they can attest that this is a time consuming, never ending process with many different challenges. They will also tell you that one of the hardest challenges post process is dating.
That's when was created. However we did not stop at dating. As we spoke to the same individuals we found that dating was not the only major challenge associated with divorce or separation.

Presentation: is a social networking site designed for a specific demographic. Our mission is to provide a secure online environment that allows individuals to search for different types of relationships and resources that help eliminate some of the challenges associated with going through a divorce, break up, and/or separation.

Kevin Pajak

Software Engineer, app developer, graphic designer, music fanatic, photographer.
Specialties: Online community-focused web development, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, mashups, API, unique hybrid apps, social media, writing, marketing.

Presentation: is a complete online community for fans of electronic music. You can search for information, news and music related to hundreds of artists, take part in discussions, chat, and interact with other users. It features: responsive design customized for desktop or mobile web browsers, multi-category internal search engine, messaging & instant notification system, profile/account creation and editing, user playlists combining up to three different media sources, inclusion of data integrated from several different API sources, and more.

John Brewer

John Brewer has developed applications ranging from flight simulators to web browsers to DNA sequencers.

Lately he has been focusing on using computer vision techniques to make iPhone apps easier to use.

Presentation: ResistorVision

ResistorVision is an iPhone application that uses computer vision to let you instantly see the values of resistors just by pointing the phone's camera at them.

Alex Woolf

I am currently focused on iOS development with a history in web and server development. My interests include everything from data visualization to robotics. I have always wanted more out of real-time bus predictions so in my spare time I built my own app. I am coming to the end of this project so I am seeking input and considering what comes next.

Presentation: Commutist

With inspiration from Edward Tufte's analysis of an 1880s French train schedule, Commutist attempts to show real-time transit predictions in a clear way that allows easy comparisons of multi-legged trips and alternate routes. It aims to answer questions such as:How long will you wait at the second or third bus stop?If you miss a connection, is there a fallback?When you can safely estimate trips with two, three or more legs, it opens up MANY alternate routes. Commutist contains the entire transit system routes on your phone, enabling novel functionality, and the best features are yet to come...

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